Zagreb – Croatia


When I arrived in Zagreb it was dark and raining, it reminded me of a winter evening back home. For once, the bus station wasn’t in a complete dive and was close to the trams that I have come to love in Europe. I was 8pm and all I wanted was to get to the hostel and have a shower.

Hostel Bureau

Well this place was great, Hostel Bureau was the best hostel I’ve stayed in so far on this trip or any other.There was a small kitchen, chill out rooms, pool table, secure lockers and decent shower/bathroom facilities. The staff were friendly and the hostel was clean and inviting, completely the opposite to what I experienced in Graz.

Then there was the bed, the so very comfortable bed that I slept in for 3 nights, it was like being in my own bed back home. The hostel is also well situated for the main square, trams, bars and supermarkets. For anyone thinking of going to Zagreb then I would highly recommend staying there, everything just seemed right.


The City

Croatia isn’t as expensive as people have made it out to be. Cheaper than Austria and Slovakia, probably because the local currency isn’t the Euro. At least not yet!

At the hostel I met a couple of people and we spent the next 2 days pottering around Zagreb, taking in the sights. On the first evening I went for food with Jasmine from England and after dragging her around for ages, trying to find gluten free, we finally stumbled upon a suitable place. I had trout and very nice it was too!

Museum of Broken Relationships

Museum of Broken Relationships

The next day I walked around with Luana from Brazil, I had duck for the first time. It was nice but I still prefer chicken! We went along to the Museum of Broken Relationships.

Now, I’m not normally the museum type but I found it very interesting and a novel idea. It was also cheap to get into, about £2.50 in UK money, which is pretty good for a museum.

I was intending to go to the Plitvice lakes but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I booked a couple of bus tickets to go there but then spend 20 minutes waiting for a tram to the bus station, which never arrived. I guess I wouldn’t be going to the lakes after all.


So £20 down and pissed off I went back to the hostel and booked another bus to take me straight to Zadar instead. It’s not worth worrying myself over a bit of lost time and money.

Zagreb’s been a positive experience for me and I’ve had a great time here. The hostel and people I’ve met make up most of that but the city itself is pretty cool.

It’s sort of like a mini Budapest but with fewer museums and it feels familiar when walking around the streets. It’s friendly and the people are interesting. I will definitely visit again and maybe make it to the Plitvice lakes this time!

Loads of cafes and bars in Zagreb

Loads of cafes and bars!


Another big building in Zagreb!

Another big building in Zagreb!

Dinner time in Zagreb

Dinner time with Luana

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