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So I caught my 2nd bus from Zagreb and made it to Zadar. It was a long winding journey down through the mountains to the city and the Adriatic coastline. I stayed at the Lazy Monkey Hostel, it was ok but more of a real backpackers place though.

It wasn’t really my kind of place but the beds were comfortable, showers nice and hot and the staff,  friendly and welcoming. Anyway, it was still better than the A+O in Graz!

I went out for some drinks on the 1st night with someone from the hostel, whose name eludes me. It was pretty quiet everywhere so we had a couple of drinks and then went back to the hostel. Sleeping was tricky that night as in the social area, people were yapping until the early hours and then came the rain!

Lazy Monkey Hostel

The hostel – this was the only clear weather in 2 days!

In the morning I went into the old town to see it in daylight, unfortunately it was raining all day! I can imagine it’s a pretty spectacular place when the hot sun is beating down.

The weather certainly makes a difference to a place but I didn’t feel there was enough in Zadar to keep someone occupied for more than a day. Unless you are visiting on a beach holiday of course.

The sea organ - Zadar

The sea Organ

As well as the quaint Old Town, there were a few other things to check out, such as the famous Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun.

The latter just looked like a giant solar panel and wasn’t doing much on the day I visited. Apparently it absorbs the sun during the day and then the electricity is used to light the waterfront.

The sea organ plays music generated by the waves, through a series of 35 pipes under the water. It’s a pretty cool idea and plays a soothing sound.


All in all Zadar was a town I could have probably missed and not lost anything in bypassing it. Maybe I will visit Croatia again in the summer and see it in a different perspective.

Zadar waterfront

Zadar waterfront – it stopped raining for a moment

Zadar - main square

Zadar – main square

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