Split – Croatia


I arrived in Split hoping for something better and more fulfilling than my time in Zadar. Luckily that’s exactly what I got. I’d booked into the Tchaikovsky hostel for 1 night, it had good reviews but after a couple of bad hostel experiences I decided to start by booking only 1 night and then extending if I like it.

I arrived to a hostel full of Australians and my 1st thought was to turn around again. Fortunately most of them were nice people and so we went for some food. I had sushi for the 1st time, which was very nice, then went for some ice cream of which there was a gluten free selection. I had 6 scoops, it had been a long time!



Split - Croatia

Soaking up the sun!

The dorms were nice, clean, secure etc but the hostel itself was very small and didn’t have a proper kitchen, only a sink and microwave. Not very useful for someone with my food allergies!

So I switched to the Old Town Hostel for the next 2 nights, it was recommended to me. I spent a hour trying to find it, more rubbish directions from the hostel staff. The new hostel was bigger, had a kitchen and the people there seemed pretty nice.

I did more walking on the next day as it was warm, like a British summer day! Split is quite contained, in that the harbour, old town and new town are pretty close to each other so you can easily walk around.

It’s hard to believe it’s Croatia’s second largest city as it seemed quite small. The population is around 180,000 so I guess they are all crammed into the new part of the city.

Annoying Koreans!

Staying at the hostel were 3 people from Korea who were rude and annoying! They each had a huge suitcase, which was left in the middle of the room for people to trip over.

The most ridiculous thing was the amount of electric goods they had, half of each case was filled with hair straighteners, hair dryer and other things that presumably they used to enhance their vain appearance. Even the guy was straightening his hair!

They left in the morning and woke up the whole dorm with their incessant yapping and packing. Then they left all their crap in the kitchen for others to clear up. Some people are truly ignorant!

Split Old Town

Split – Old Town

Krka National Park

Since I missed out on the Plitvice National Park, I decided to go on a day trip to Krka National Park to make up for it. So along with some people from the hostel, off I went. It took about 2.5 hours, mainly because the driver was avoiding every toll road and using the dodgy mountain back roads.

We finally arrived and weren’t disappointed. The waterfalls were stunning, it was an amazing site. There was a 30 min boat ride to get to the park, I haven’t been on a boat for years and always used to get very sick. Luckily I was ok this time.

Krka National Park

Krka National Park

It was a little annoying that after paying £9 to get in to the park we then had to pay to use the toilet! Croatia seem to like charging people to use public toilets, which is up to them but to charge on top of an entry fee is not really on.

We were hoping to go swimming but unfortunately the water wall too high and too rough. We would have probably drowned! It was still a nice day out and the sun joined us too, which is always a bonus.

Krka National Park

On the boat!

I had a good time in Split, it was a cool place and being late in the season it wasn’t too busy. I expect it’s heaving in the summer and full or British tourists.

Croatia is quickly becoming commercialised, I hope it retains its charm and doesn’t become full of stag parties. The Croats could do without that!

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