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Welcome to Sarajevo

I arrived in Sarajevo after a couple of hours on the bus from Mostar. It was pouring with rain and I was dying for the loo! I needed to find my hostel. I had booked at the Franz Ferdinand Hostel after a recommendation from some people I met in Mostar.

The hostel was ok but the dorms were pretty cramped, the beds very very close together so it was very cosy! There were plenty of showers but only 2 toilets, although I never had to wait too long.

I went along to the old town with some hostel people to find food. I can’t remember what I had but I’m sure it was something chicken related; my favourite food!

Sarajevo old town

Sarajevo old town

The next morning I went on the free walking tour. The guide talked us through some of the history of the city and the different architecture then talked about the war and how the city was under siege by the Serbian army. I tend to go on the walking tours as a way to orientate myself to the city do I can then do some further exploration myself.

Siege Tour

On my final morning in Sarajevo I signed up for the Siege Tour; some people in the hostel had been and spoke highly about it. We piled into the minibus and off we went. First stop was the famous tunnel, which ran under the airport during the war.

It was 800m when completed and allowed thousands of people to find safety in the mountains and beyond. There is a 20m section still remaining that tourists can visit, the rest of the tunnel has bee filled in due to security of the airport.

Sarajevo siege tour

Sarajevo siege tour

After the tunnel we were driven up to the vantage point that Serbian snipers shot from during the war. Their target became known as ‘Sniper Alley’ and many people were killed by their bullets.

Sniper alley

Sniper alley

The city was devastated by the Serbs but it is now nearly completely rebuilt. Much different to Mostar where the scars of war still remained.

We then made our way up to the bob sleigh track from the 1984 winter olympics. I didn’t even know Sarajevo had hosted the olympics!

Sarajevo has now just become known for the war and the olympics has been forgotten. The graffiti ridden remains of the bob sleigh track remains and there is even talk about restoring it so future generations can use it.

Our final stop was the Jewish graveyard where many people from WW1, WW2 and more recent wars are buried. So many graves.

Sarajevo wasn’t my favourite place and I didn’t really like it as a city. I’ve visited places that I much preferred and felt that Sarajevo was run down and unattractive.

I was going to stay another night but decided to leave on the 5pm shuttle to Serbia instead, 6 hours later and I would be in Belgrade.

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