Packing list

packing list

I’ve been reading a few travel blogs over the past few weeks and there’s always a post about what to take with you when you travel and also a packing list. Well I don’t want to break tradition so here’s my packing list.

My bag

osprey farpoint 40

Osprey Farpoint 40

As I mentioned before, I’m only taking a carry on bag as my luggage. I don’t want to be waiting to collect bags or risk the airline sending my luggage to another country.

When I went to the USA I had a traditional, top loading, rucksack. It was a pain in the arse when you needed to take something out, so this time I wanted a bag that opened like a suitcase and could also be worn like a rucksack.

I decided on the Osprey Farpoint 40 not too expensive but not so cheap that it would fall apart when I picked it up. Its also received a lot of good reviews. It’s a 40 litre bag so there’s plenty of room for clothes, toiletries etc and a padded compartment for a laptop or tablet.


packing cubes

Ebags packing cubes

When I went on my last holiday I just crammed things into my bag in the usual way. This time I’m using packing cubes and compression bags. Since I’m planning to do long term travel, I want to be able to put my hands on items without rummaging through my bag. Friends say that I’m a bit OCD but I just like things to be well organised.


My favourite cheap shop used to be Wilkinsons but that mantel has now been taken by Poundland.

I discovered they had a small travel section, I bought luggage scales, compression bags, washing line, shoe bag, bottles for liquids and a few other things. Not sure how long these things will last but worth a go for £1 each! Poundland’s great! The owners of the 99p shop must be gutted.

What’s in my bag?


  • 5x T-shirts
  • 4x shirts
  • 2x shorts
  • 1x jeans
  • 1x chinos
  • 9x boxers
  • 9x socks

For me, shirts are usually reserved for weddings, funerals and job interviews. Other than that, it’s T-shirts all the way. For travel, a casual shirt seemed like a good idea. So much so that I now have 4 of them. I’m not sure why I’m suddenly starting to wear shirts, maybe I’m trying to relaunch my image. Up ’til now I’ve always been a blue jeans, Primark T-shirt kind of guy.

I’ve even traded in my budgie smuggler briefs for boxers and bought a man bag. Before I know it, I’ll be wearing skirts like my brother! Yes, I said skirts!


  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Point and shoot camera
  • Compact video camera
  • Table top tripod
  • Mini camera slider
  • Microphone


  • Washing line
  • Microfibre towel
  • Multipurpose soap
  • Wash bag
  • Packable raincoat
  • Packable day bag
  • Man bag
carry-on luggage

It’s a bit full!

I’ve been trying to cram all this into my bag but so far it’s not fitting. I might have to leave a few things behind, maybe take some clothes out to make room for the electronics.

Surely I can survive with 2 pairs of boxers!

I bought some compression bags and experimented with them. It’s a bit of a pain in the arse to squeeze all the air out but they might save a little space.



When I started writing this post I was hoping to get everything in the one bag and then put my manbag into the main bag on the top. There’s no way everything was going to fit so I decided to upgrade my flight to allow me to take an extra cabin bag.

I will now put my laptop, gadgets and a few other bits and bobs into my manbag. It meant giving Easyjet an extra £10 but never mind! At least I will be able to take everything with me. Ryanair let you do this for no extra charge so I will try to fly with them in future.

So there you have it, that’s my packing list. Only 2 weeks until I fly now! 🙂

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