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I decided to fly from Belgrade to Tivat in Montenegro. It was a choice between a 12 hour bus journey or 1 hour flight and there wasn’t much difference in the price so I opted for the flight. I few with Air Serbia on a old prop plane, it was very noisy and shook a lot but it got me there in one piece.

After leaving the airport in Tivat I looked for a bus but couldn’t find one so I approached a taxi who wanted 20 Euros for the trip to Kotor! No way was I paying that much so I decided to walk, it was only 4-5 miles afterall! I tried hitching a ride but no one picked me up so I continued with my walking.

It wasn’t too bad walking with my 2 bags until I reached a tunnel, which had been bored through the mountain and was over a mile in length. This tunnel stood between me and Kotor so I went ahead on the narrow pavement. It seemed to go on forever and I was very glad to see light at the other end.

The journey was worth it as Kotor is a beautiful place. The calm water looked like a millpond and the sun shone down on the town for the 2 days I was there.

Kotor Bay - Montenegro

Kotor Bay – Montenegro

Old Town

I booked into the Old Town Hostel, which as the name suggests, was situated in the old town. A nice hostel with comfortable beds and privacy curtains on the beds. The showers were pretty crappy though, the drains were blocked and the shower tray filled up with water before flooding the whole bathroom!

The old town was pretty similar to the ones in Croatia and so I didn’t spend too much time as I’ve seen enough of those on this trip now. Lots of cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops and shoe shops. People in this part of the world seem to like their shoes.


Kotor is pretty small so I covered it that afternoon and the next morning. I had arranged to meet up with Jude whom I met in Mostar so as it was a nice day we caught the bus to nearby Budva to go to the beach.


Apparently Budva is a playground for rich Russians. It was pretty quiet on the day we went there as it was getting late in the season. It’s is a pretty small town with a few hostels and apartments, a shopping centre and a beach. I was expecting more, a nicer beach maybe or just more things to do.

I popped on the trunks and braved the water, it was pretty warm considering the time of year. Much warmer than the sea back in the UK, even in the middle of summer. After a few hours we made our way back to Kotor and the hostel.

The next morning we were leaving for Albania!

Budva bay

Budva bay

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