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I’m going to start the first leg of my journey in Central Europe. I’ll then travel through Hungary, Austria and the Balkans to Eastern Europe and over to Ukraine before looping back around to Poland.

Teaching English

English grammar

Light reading!

I fly to Budapest on 25th August. Whilst there I will undertake a CELTA course over 4 weeks, to qualify me to teach English as a foreign language. It’s going to be a hard course but I’m confident I can pass it.

To prepare myself I’ve been studying English grammar and reading about teaching mythology. I haven’t done any studying for years so it has been pretty strange getting my head back into the books!

I’m looking forward to getting to know the other participants and meeting the students in the teaching practice classes. I’ve been told it’s a very rewarding course and a great shared experience.

After the course

Once I’ve completed and hopefully passed the course, I will travel up until the end of the year. My plan is to take the train from Budapest to Vienna and spend a couple of days there taking in the sights. Apparently train and bus travel is much more reliable and cheaper than it is in the UK.

After Vienna I’ll travel through Slovenia and into Croatia, taking in the capital Zagreb. From there I want to make my way over to the Adriatic coast and head south towards Split and then Dubrovnik, where I intend to stay for a few days.

It’s a coastline that I’m particularly interested in visiting as it’s not so commercialised and overcrowded as Western Europe. Apparently it’s very popular with nudists too, so maybe I’ll strip off and get some sun on my lily white arse cheeks.

Dubrovnik - Croatia

Dubrovnik – Croatia

After Croatia I want to head East to Mostar and Sarajevo in Bosnia and then onwards to Belgrade, Serbia.

I really want to go to Athens as well but the situation there isn’t great so it’s probably not a good idea at the moment.

I’ll keep a watchful eye on the developments there, maybe things will improve soon.

Then it’s off to Turkey to see Istanbul before heading over to Ukraine. I’d like to visit Chernobyl so I intend to take one of the tours out of the capital Kiev. Also during my stay in Ukraine I plan to take a Russian language course. I’ve started learning with a smartphone app but immersion is the best way to learn.

I also want to visit Poland, Germany and Italy but I don’t know if I will fit everything in so will make that decision nearer the time.

Whilst I’m travelling I’ll be applying for jobs in the TEFL industry. I’m interested in working in Moscow to begin with and January seems to be a good time to start but I’ll keep an eye out for any opportunities that might come up.

One week left in the UK and then it’s off to Budapest!

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