Dubrovnik – Croatia


I travelled down to Dubrovnik with Kevin from Montana, who looks like Kevin Smith. We arrived at around 16:00, checked into the Myway Hostel, and went for food.

The hostel was ok but the showers couldn’t decide between hot or cold and there was also a weirdo who seemed to live in reception. I’d booked for 2 nights and was planning to spend the day exploring and maybe extend my stay, depending on the weather.

Myway Hostel - Dubrovnik

Myway Hostel – Dubrovnik

The next morning the skies were dark grey and we had ridiculous torrential rain, there was even a waterfall on the steps outside the hostel! I hadn’t seen rain like that for a long time.

I pottered around the hostel for a few hours and waited until the rain calmed a little and then took a chance on going out. After a 20 min walk in the rain, I reached the old town.

Dubrovnik - Old Town

Dubrovnik – Old Town

It was very attractive looking but very expensive. I payed £2.50 for a coffee in Dubrovnik but in Split I was only paying around £1.00, quite a difference!

Unfortunately I didn’t go on the wall because the wind was too strong and it was very misty so I wouldn’t have seen much.

The next morning it was raining again, with strong winds and thunder. Since my bus was at 16:00 so I braved the weather and wondered down to the harbour. I couldn’t see much of it because it was still raining, misty and generally miserable!

I was really looking forward to seeing Dubrovnik but the visit has been a bit of an anti climax.


Maybe it’s the crappy weather or maybe it’s because I’ve already been to Zadar and Split, so Dubrovnik just seems like more of the same. The old town is nice but I can’t help feeling disappointed with it.

Zagreb and Split have been my favourite places in Croatia, I just seemed to click with them. Now I’m going to leave Croatia and head into Bosnia, starting in Mostar and making my way to Sarajevo.

Dubrovnik - Old Town

Dubrovnik – Old Town


Dubrovnik - Croatia

Braving the rain!

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