A spring clean?
Having a clear out?

The amount of rubbish people accumulate is ridiculous. I’m a terrible hoarder, I keep something on the off chance that I might one day need it and it then sits under the bed and becomes a home for the various spiders that live in my current domicile. Going away is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the things I should have thrown out years ago.

vhs-tapesSo far I’ve taken 7 car loads full of bin liners to the recycling centre. I’ve thrown out 2 VHS players that presumably I was keeping just in case I wanted to play one of my videos that are unreadable due to excess dust. They have now been thrown out as well.

I’ve retired CD’s that haven’t been played since the mid 90’s and finally thrown out a box of computer parts that don’t work together and aren’t any use to me at all.

When I travel, I’m planning to just take the one carry on bag. Partly because I’m too tight to pay the hold baggage fee but also because I don’t want to lug loads of unnecessary stuff around with me.

I’m planning to store the rest of my belongings at my parent’s respective houses. I don’t want to clog up their lofts and sheds too much so I’m selling, throwing out and giving away anything I haven’t used lately.

My criteria for decluttering
  • If it hasn’t moved for 6 months then get rid of it!
  • Put free ad’s in the local paper (this was quite fruitful)
  • Have a car boot sale but only sell low value items (car boot punters are tight arses)
  • Avoid Ebay and their obscene final value fees (never using them again!)
  • Sell stuff on forums which are appropriate for to the item
  • Take clothing to the charity shop or give it to a tramp
  • Carry out some research to see what your item is worth
  • Do a budget but underestimate what you think things will sell for

I’ve managed to sell a fair bit of stuff, whatever is remaining will probably go to the recycling centre on the day I more out. It’s actually quite liberating to get rid of things and scale back what you own. I’d recommend everyone does it, you’d be surprised about what you can live without.

Now I have to work out exactly what I’m going to take with me and make sure it fits in my carry on bag and is under 10kg. Fun times!

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