Bucharest, Romania

bucharest-topimageI’ve been a bit lapse with the blog lately whilst I work on other things. I’m currently in Ukraine but over the past few weeks I visited Romania, Moldova and Transnistria.


I travelled on the night bus to Bucharest and should have arrived nice and refreshed. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way as there was a human fog horn keeping the entire bus awake with his irritating loud snoring. How anyone can sleep through their own snoring is beyond me!

Bucharest parliament

Bucharest parliament

We finally arrived in Bucharest and were dropped at the bus station, if you can call it that. It was 5 deg and there I was standing confused, wearing just my hoodie, freezing my nuts off.

As I tried to orientate myself to where I was a persistent taxi driver started pestering me, wanting to take me into the city. I didn’t have any local currency or Euros and I gave my Bulgarian money to the taxi drive in Sofia. With no ATM in sight it was going to be another walk for me!

Finding the hostel wasn’t too bad once I’d got a GPS fix and made my way into the city centre. No need for a taxi after all. Because I was early I couldn’t check into the hostel so I left my bags and went for a walk and to find an ATM and a shop.

One of the first things I saw as I wondered around was a drunk man having a conversation into a coke bottle. His acting was excellent, maybe a new career for him.

The Antique Hostel

What a great place to stay! The hostel has plenty of space, several social areas, clean kitchen and great beds. It’s also reasonably priced and well positioned next to the old town.

The best thing about the hostel though was the staff. They were helpful, polite and genuinely interested in getting to know the guests. I highly recommend that you stay here if you visit Bucharest.

Antique hostel - Bucharest

Antique hostel – Bucharest

As I’d been travelling around, people in hostels were saying that Bucharest was boring and there’s not much there to see. I found it quite an interesting city and a nice place to stay for a few days to recharge my batteries.

There is a lot of nice architecture there and the old town is nice with its cobbled streets, churches, cafes and restaurants. I Decided to stay another day to go to a couple of museums. So myself and Jane from Belgium went along to the communist exhibition and then to the natural history museum.

Bucharest old town

Church in the old town

The communist one was quite simple affair using info boards to chart the history within Romania. The museum plan said there were 3 floors but we could only find one and the woman working there didn’t seem to know much. It was free to get into so with that, we moved on.

The natural history museum was interesting and the lifelike creatures were great. Some of them were fake but I think some maybe have been the work of a taxidermist. I prefer this kind of museum as it’s more visual.

After 4 nights at the hostel it was time to move on to Brasov and explore Transylvania.

Dracula was waiting.

Statue in Bucharest

Creepy statue – he sort of looks like Putin!


Church courtyard - Bucharest

Church courtyard – Bucharest

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