Belgrade – Serbia

belgrade-topimageAfter 6 hours in a minibus on some really crappy Bosnian roads we finally arrived in Belgrade. I didn’t have a clue how to get to my bed for the night but fortunately the minibus dropped me off at 00:30 almost to the hostel door.

It was an ok hostel but there was no one else staying there so it was kind of dull with no atmosphere. I stayed for 1 night but then moved to a different place, which seemed a little livelier and definitely more friendly. The owners were pretty cool too and highlighted all the key areas in the city on a map for me to explore. Sadly there were a number of Australians there which deducts a few points!

It was in the bohemian quarter next to a nice cobbled street with lots of bars and cafes. A very nice area very popular with both tourists and locals. There were a few seedy gentlemen’s clubs further down the street though, which lowered the tone a little.

Belgrade - bohemian quarter

Belgrade – bohemian quarter

After a nice lay in I went out exploring around Belgrade. I walked a lot, drank coffee and then after lunch I went on the free walking tour.

Buildings bombed by NATO

Buildings bombed by NATO

The girl running the tour spoke so fast that I missed most of the things she was saying but it was a good way to find out where things were so I could go off on my on afterwards.

Later that night I met up with some people I met in Mostar/Sarajevo for drinks, along with a load of Canadians.

The next day I was on a mission to find a supermarket that had gluten free food. I walked 2 miles there and back and managed to find gluten free bread, chicken breast, rice etc. They also had some nice gluten free cereal bars.

After going back to the hostel for lunch I decided to try my hand at some street photography. My camera has a long zoom, so I can shoot pervert in the bushes shots! I still miss my DSLR but it’s just too bulky to carry around with me.

Street photography Belgrade

Street photography Belgrade

Travelling alone means you just talk to random people, in cafes, restaurants and elsewhere. I was in a small cafe and started chatting with a Mexican girl and ended up spending the day with her until 2am!

We went to the fortress and down by the river and then back into the city for food. Earlier that day I was feeling kind of down so it’s funny how things turn out. Sometimes it’s nice to have company and share your travel experiences over a glass of rosé.

Belgrade fortress

On the fortress wall

I found some of the people in shops and cafés quite rude, maybe it was just the language barrier but they all seem to have a very blunt attitude.

It could also be the slavic culture but there was just an unfriendly vibe and people, especially women had this kind of ‘don’t talk to me’ stare as they walked down the streets. Maybe they are just fed up with Serbian men hitting on them.

There were of course a lot of really nice people there too who were only too happy to chat with me about me trip and about their country.

I stayed in there for 3 days after which I took a flight down to Tivat in Montenegro. It was cold in Belgrade so I was happy to be heading somewhere warmer again. I will  go back to Belgrade at some point as it’s a city which is clearly developing and preparing itself for entry to the EU. It would be nice to get to know some local people who could show me the real city on my next visit.

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